About me

At the Grand Canyon in Arizona earlier this year.


I’m Rashmee Roshan Lall.

Every Wednesday, I join the dots and connect the big world news story to the world of books.

I’m a journalist and writer, a news junkie and passionate book reader. I follow the news and read books for…uhhh…some 18 hours a day! I have a PhD in Creative Writing and Critical Research and live in the UK with my husband and Bayta, the puppy that appears in the ad.

My website rashmee.com has most of my published articles and blogs. Click on This Week, Those Books to access all its posts. Remember, every week, I send you a newsletter that connects the week’s big news story to the relevant books. If you read This Week, Those Books, even if you don’t read the actual book, you’ll be able to discuss it. I never recommend a book I don’t like and I go through a number every week to find the few I share with you.

Thanks for reading.