Sitemap - 2022 - This Week, Those Books

Oxleas Woods hark back to an England that wasn't England when it first existed

Christmas should be cancelled in December and moved to February 7

It's a wrap

When WWI wasn't WWI

Make a new ritual this holiday season

The poinsettia is soprano in the season's grand opera

What do FDR's Four Freedoms mean today?

‘In Bogota even the bootblacks quoted Proust’

Virginia Woolf On Being Ill

In praise of being ill

Working the Santa shift at 35,000 feet

In the US and UK, the left re-jigs the scaffolding of words

A sack of coal would have more chance of getting somewhere in UK than a human being

America's Democrats start to reclaim the patriotism and freedom frame

Is the Africa-America axis really made real in Washington, DC?

All that loving for Africa…in the US, in the World Cup

Britain's culture clash has gone from Brexit wars to Megxit skirmishes

The mad mad world of Megxit

Word from Downing Street: All's well except 'the country falling apart'

Unlike the UK, the US made sure slow-motion disaster of train strike wouldn't happen

Britain's train service is stuck on a track that leads nowhere

'42 per cent of Africa's 130 players at Qatar were born outside the continent'

Footballers often ask themselves: Where am I really from?

Decolonisation of the mind: Lessons from 21st century Britain

Per Shakespeare, the Welsh leek has long had a good press

Prometheus unbound & Peter Thiel

Britain's three 'Ds': Deindustrialisation, degrowth, denigration of outsiders

There are some very real symptoms of Britain's slow slide downwards

Britain's failing ARC, the Aid and Reconstruction Complex

Could the Chinese protests be telling a hitherto unregarded story

Ukrainian grit: A true story

What happened in Leicester?

Putin's naglost on Ukraine is a feature, not a bug

European think tanks and their BIG plans

An issue that won't age well - boomers and beyond in the US and UK

UN's impotence on Ukraine underlines the need for real decolonisation

Betting on World Cup wins and woes

Why FIFA chief is right about Qatar’s critics

An election win for Melania Trump…in Slovenia?

Gianni Infantino and performance theatre…of otherness

‘Sportswashing’ goes much beyond Qatar. What about Trump and the Saudis?

A World Cup that runneth over woefully mean…and size-ist

Since 2010, the sustained criticism has basically attacked Qatar for being Qatar

Ready for Rishi's report card? Reassuringly boring

How credible will Rishi Sunak's Britain be at the G20 in Bali?

Britain's new son-shine sector: the Rishi trivia cottage industry

The things people know - and don't know - about Britain's 'Rishi Rich'

Trumpty Dumpty and DeFuture: Fellowship of the ring

The Ukraine war needs diplomacy not daredevil talk

America calling: The Ukraine war needs diplomacy not daredevil talk

America's scary times don't end with Halloween

Britain's asylum situation doesn't have to continue as a 'crisis'

Britain and Belgium: Asylum crises as Albania slams the UK 'madhouse'

Suella Braverman's colour-coded stance…all red, white and blue

Matthew Syed's book on agreeing to disagree kindly, confidently should be on the curriculum

The harm Brexit & its opportunistic cheerleaders have done will be felt for years

Rishi Sunak is no Davos man so why not speak truth to the power of Brexit?

Tumult in paradise? St. Kitts and Nevis, one of Britain's 'realms', plans ahead

Remember Liz Truss? She may do rather well out of the mess she got Britain into

Is anybody, particularly Rishi Sunak, ready for his first 100 days?

Rishi, priest, prescient prime minister, someone very wise from the east?

Expertise trumps ethnicity as eco crisis looms: This time, only MPs, not full party, chose Sunak

Odd that Suella Braverman, one of Britain's two Cruella de Vil figures, backed Rishi Sunak

Liz Truss and that 'Cairo taxi': Britain still unbeatable as a comedy superpower

Liz tried to be Thatcher in 2022 and failed miserably

Poor Liz Truss and her pathetic economic policies

'The Seven Moons of Maali Almeida' has a place on the decolonised bookshelf

Lettuce think of Liz Truss

Britain’s new Carolean age is beset by the unfinished business of history

Is Liz Truss really a symbol of Western democratic resilience as China crowns Xi?

A question of Truss and Rees-Mogg reality

The perils of KamiKwasi theories

Liz Truss and the best of British robotic libertarianism

Liz Truss puts Britain on course to an uncivil war

The planned Saudi linear city revives a 19th century idea

Truss and Kwarteng's Britain: The meshing of emerging economy politics and economics

The markets know what Librium Liz and Kamikwasi don't - Britain is not America

Liz Truss's unoriginal, unedifying and outdated plan for 'Growth. Growth. Growth'

What Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng think of Indian children

Librium Liz and Kamikwasi's Britain: 'You have to laugh or you'll cry'

Time for a British version of Andy Borowitz's 'Profiles in Ignorance'?

'It's not hard to be a political humorist when you have the whole government working for you'

How to write (and illustrate stories) about 'Africans'

'Librium Liz' has been doing a good job of sending herself up

Kamikwasi, Librium Liz and the great British joke factory

Why the United Nations has been reduced to a technical support role

Italy's new PM busts a myth about 'caring' women leaders

Back to the other Liz's world. Shtum, imperious, foxy

Ken Starr and the cult of the whiskey priest

Pay attention to Ken Starr's passing. He was a prototype for Maugham's 'whiskey priest'

How and why Britain's greatest inventions of royal ritual and pageantry came about

That bagpipe-playing man in a tartan kilt isn't all he's cracked up to be

Britain's invented traditions include much royal ritual and Highland dress

America's record on Haiti and Biden's right to be at the Queen's funeral - II

America's record on Haiti: Should Biden be on that good-to-go list for Queen's funeral?

In Britain, emotion runs high and pound falls to 37-year low

'Off with their heads': The queenly Liz Truss

…and in The Philippines, a new quasi-royal tradition

Britain routinely invents authentically antique-effect royal traditions

'Royal Family', the 1969 documentary you aren't meant to see, has some real gems

'There is no escape from history' for Britain, its new king and the rest of us

What stiff upper lip? Queen's death had London black cab drivers weeping

Queen Elizabeth had a Merchant Ivory-standard, Raj-era Britishness

Diversity or tokenism? How to view Liz Truss's cabinet?

Is the Truss cabinet's visual diversity any more than just that?

How harissa, turban-shaped salt cellar and a matka can evoke a whole culture

PM of the Uneasy Kingdom: Liz Truss's boosterism won't help a Britain that matters less globally & is crisis-hit at home

Cultural resonance in three airline meal trays

'Kala Chashma' and I-pop

Climate action is now officially on India's mind

'Narendra Modi's political good fortune'

India's experiment in financial inclusion is paying off

Nizamuddin is in the here and now

The real meaning of 'Oṃ maṇi padme hūṃ' in the public space in BJP-ruled India

'Chinjabi' chow mein and other Delhi delicacies

Dehradun Airport and art as a reflection of the spirit of its time

What this dargah in Landour, high up in the Garhwal Himalayas, says about Modi's India

Cloud walking: Landour in August

The plainsfolk who drive commerce in hilly Landour

India at 75: The hill station spirit lives on

'Ukraine fatigue'? A Ukrainian mother-and-daughter story from London

In Britain, a fear of the status futurus. In India, a hope that will not be denied

Back to black: What Afghanistan’s new focus on coal tells us

The 'new world' label is 600 years old and needs updating

India and Afghanistan now share an 'independence day'

Take Roald Dahl as a tonic rather than a terrible template

Salman Rushdie, the man who told stories about India

At 75, India and Pakistan look more and more like each other

The last white woman, Liz Truss

Afghanistan, one year after the Taliban's reconquest

Hazara diaspora asks the world to spare a thought

One year on, America is supposedly moving on from Afghanistan

Afghanistan's new golden age of coal mines

Back to the future in Afghanistan?

America's 20-year engagement with Afghanistan

America's contradictions in three events on just one day

America's resurrection and Dr Zawahiri's multiple deaths

'Nervous Conditions' is about the lot of women…and more

'The Joys of Motherhood' and the women's fiction shelf

Two great examples of 'women's fiction' show the need to level up literature

Women leaders and wholesome politics

'Tunisia is a country trapped in a slogan'

A woman in charge allows a country to breathe mindfully?

What's happening in Myanmar?

Tunisia, a country trapped in a slogan

What links Tunisia's constitutional referendum and Brexit? Both sell a big lie

Shame and glory of success in the old imperial power: Rishi Sunak…Mohamed Sarr

Poor little rich 'underdog' Rishi and the U factor

January 6: America's 'feast of the goat'?

Could Sri Lanka's Rajapaksas return, like the Marcos family?

Britain's 'broken' democracy Vs Sri Lanka's system

A (wo)man of the people?

As with Mexico 1994, Sri Lanka needs a Nafta-like benefactor

As Sri Lanka has shown, the world economy is in for a Micawberesque period

Why did Penny Mordaunt use the word 'colour' in her campaign video?

British wannabe-PMs' live debate is minus the real stuff

Should Tunisia be following the French model of doing business?

Sri Lanka's protesters are demanding change: here's why

Parallels between 'Britain Trump' and the real American thing are overstated

Buxton Tories speak their minds about MPs who want to reverse the order and be PM

Obama had it right: There is American exceptionalism, Greek exceptionalism...

Boris bluster can't keep Brexit Britain's reality hidden

Boris remade Britain's image as a mussy-haired wannabe with a slippery sense of propriety

'Them's the breaks': Boris adopts an American accent

Comparing the US and Iran causes a small storm in a tiny teacup

Vanuatu: life in the world's most climate-endangered country

In Iran, one man exercises complete control for his lifetime. In the US, it's now six people

The US system is superior to Iran. Discuss

The US and Iran: spot the difference

The span of several centuries separates Justice Alito from the Taliban leader

Two men, one idea: A theological dystopia

Colombia's Petro and the poetry and prose of political change

Women's lib and freedom from Le Corbusier's Modulor scale

The G7 has returned to being a gentlemen's club

The Commonwealth prides itself on the post-colonial dividend

Commonwealth signals that it's not a club of ex-British colonials

Our man in Kigali (and Gitega)

Colombia and Latin America's quickening political pulse

Rome's republic of soup

A peaceful transfer of power in America? Yes, but…

When it comes to hurling insults, Moscow is not a patch on Pyongyang

Pritchett and 'brassy' London summers from Victoria to Elizabeth II

London's 'brassy summer' is like a Pritchett short story

Google's LaMDA vs Ishiguro's Klara

Paris emphatically did not have politics on its mind

Enforced ways to neither 'phub' nor be 'phubbed'

Heard about 'phubbing'?

Fair-skinned or not, colonisation is a mentality

Rebuilding Kharkiv, Ukraine

Ukraine: Norman Foster, 'colonisation' and rebuilding Kharkiv

These facts and figures are royal treats…in a manner of speaking

The third-generation man from York who feels unable to describe himself as 'British'

'It's possible to admire the Queen without envying her'

Platinum Jubilee and the 'pong of Pyongyang'

The British monarchy…warts and all

Ever wondered how the monarchy survives?

Not a Queenfest…the word 'Queen' is associated with something quite different

Stasis, cuke sandwiches…and more on the menu, this royal jubilee

70 years into the second Elizabethan age…

'Anyone with an IQ higher than a mango's can pass safety class'

From Columbine High to Robb Elementary School

America used to care about national security…its own

How is Hungary's 'great replacement' pushback going?

Orban's theories and practices on 'the great replacement'

The US right's response to Orban's playbook

Orban's message to the US right: Do as I do

Nature and Ukraine make Davos far from business as usual

Goodbye 1968, and all that?

Bipolar: Orban speaks to the state of the world

The visible effects of Ukraine's powerful currency - soft power

A woman of substance: the unconventional Alice de Rothschild

A sneaky birthday treat, filched from Axios

'Like all traditions, birthday parties had to be invented'

Ukraine and the incredible force of soft power

The Ides of May and Lebanon's no-change election

Kyiv is western politicians' new Mecca

Time running out to save Sri Lanka from economic collapse

The world in four elections: the Ides of May and the Philippines

What you need to know about Solomon Islands

A Mandela hotel, Gandhi cushion, Diana tat

Dip into the sabra hummus story

The high point of the 'Hummus Wars' was probably its lowest

Europe not an issue in the UK elections

Britain's local elections have national significance

The hummus hostilities are at a stalemate…for now

No, decolonising your bookshelf doesn’t mean getting rid of Jane Austen

Borscht, a Ukrainian hug in a mug

A Unesco battle for borscht

What borscht means to Ukraine at this moment

Ukraine in a dish

Say cheese. It's ripe for robbing

The PLO's situation is darker but that doesn't represent Palestinian prospects

Arafat and Palestinian exceptionalism

Arafat's PLO and the high point of Palestinian distinctiveness

The PLO broadens, deepens and becomes truly representative

Myanmar and the attempted resurrection

The Rohingyas, like India's Muslims, seem to be a second-string hard luck cause

The West looks carefully away from the situation of Muslims in India

The West suffers selective myopia and amnesia over India's Muslims

The West sheds still more crocodile tears for Xinjiang

Gagarin very nearly didn't become the first man to successfully return from space

61 years ago, Gagarin became the first man in space. It's still worth celebrating

What's with Nestle's move to do the right thing on child labour?

Nestle and the business of morality

How the UN's Ruggie Principles set corporate responsibility

'If Ukraine war grinds on, businesses should study UN's Ruggie Principles'

Corporate moralism on Russia: Suspended between pragmatism and principle

Corporate moral philosophy on Russia: Is there such a thing?

South Asia is mostly bad news…and then there's Afghanistan

Ukraine showed there are things worse than American power: Russian power

Myanmar artist Sai reveals junta's horrors

Not whiffs of Munich but a European security plan that smells good?

Realism about Russia, great powers and greater self-interest

A telling story about Putin's state of mind from a European diplomat, formerly in Moscow

Zelensky's 'camouflage chic', unrehearsed Churchillian oratory and what victory looks like for Ukraine

Return of the international brigades

COVID victims: In death as in life, the poor remain unseen

Capitalism focusses on free markets rather than free societies

Nasser and post-Nakba Palestinian nationalism

Nakba: what the catastrophe meant for Palestinian political development

Palestine and the two types of nationalism

What is a country if it's not a nation?

Countries, nations and states. Where does Palestine fit in?

Is Ukraine really an ancient state and what is a country if it's not a nation?

Marina Lewycka on the ambiguities of being Ukrainian

A novel on tractors in Ukrainian is about anything but

What links the UK's DIY-asylum system and that novel about 'tractors in Ukrainian'?

Britain's DIY-asylum for Ukrainian refugees has potential…and perils

What can China do about Ukraine and will it do it?

Why parse world's reaction? To get the truth, not what you wish were the truth

Russia has undoubtedly won friends and influenced people in Africa

Breaking down the 'world' reaction to Putin's war

Ukraine as a worthy cause? Parsing the 'world's' reaction

Where is Putin's mind at?

Two views of the nuclear threat and 'the end times'

Three recent conversations about Putin and 'the end times'

Human beings think and feel, which is as it should be

The world is too much with us. How not to deal with it

Can you become a refugee…from the world?

Ukraine puts ESG investors in the spotlight for a slew of Russian JVs

Ukraine has spurred companies to walk the ESG talk…mostly

The best laid plans of mice and men…and Putin and his gold

Return of the international brigades

A new financial world order

Russian boardrooms are hit by a moral wave of resignations

Making Russia greater than ever by hook or by nuke?

Europe's 'almost-consensus' moment on Russia speaks volumes

Kuwait got it; will Ukraine? (Hint: international help)

Royal finances - our money is theirs and vice versa

Royal finances - our money and theirs

Perhaps the Queen could let it be known she's selling a Canaletto to pay Andrew's bills?

'Ukraine is like Afghanistan; Russians are the Taliban'

Gen Z and the business of being woke

That 'whiff of Munich' in the air?

Abbasid Baghdad's shock-and-awe diplomacy

The games diplomats play

The diplomatic high table

Finlandisation and Danish pastry

Obituaries are a serious business…but that doesn't mean they're sad

Obituaries have a life of their own

The pandemic has made life harder for obituary writers

Queen Elizabeth's long goodbye

A new age dawns for the classical coup?

Xi and Putin grin and bare it and grin and bear it

Russia, Ukraine, Schrodinger's cat and our interconnected world

Javier Cercas on Spain's battles with memory

Memory and forgetting for a country

Almodovar's new film and how to remember

At school in India, we learnt to honour 'Netaji' Bose, not to imitate him

Looking for 'Mein Kampf' in London and Delhi

'All the world's somewhat corrupt and men and women merely players'

Beware the rich, de-dollarised Russian bear

Some surprising actors want the Yankees in their backyard

Market fundamentalism is over, more or less, but what's taken its place?

Living with - or without - Covid

The 246-year-old experiment that is democracy in America

Gaelige and Brussels' Tower of Babel

Reports that America is over may be greatly exaggerated

Elif Shafak is right: Social media platforms are the 21st century's Colosseum

Are the unvaccinated becoming modern-day lepers?

Vaccine apartheid is the wrong term

So, a-wassailing we went

Escaping the shadow of the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher

Ben Ali's phone calls illustrate the lesson of history

Trump's alternate reality fits with a metaverse that doesn't exist

Never heard of Tonga? Well, everyone has now

A thousand-and-one uses for a bricked Blackberry?

What a drag it is getting old'

Pandemic to endemic?

The problem with hybrid speech-text communication

Turning the unvaccinated into modern-day lepers?

Imagine Tocqueville emerging from the Wayback Machine

Birthdays big and small: Kate and Kim

Three things to watch, just days into the new year

Pepper soup and positive thinking

The world in 2022: more of the same?

How will Taliban 2.0 interpret Sharia law in Afghanistan?

'The original military-industrial complex'

Amsterdam, capital of sustainable capitalism?

21st century Britain: still the 'emancipated empire'?

And a quiet Happy New Year 2022 to you

'Finch' may be one apocalyptic movie too many